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Rocket Boy is a 2d exploration game set in an infinite procedural generated universe.

In it's alpha state the current version showcases the idea and concepts behind the exploration of Rocket Boy.

As of 05/01/2016 the Rocket Boy Dev Blog is live!!! Follow along at RocketBoy.space and join in on the fun!

Currently in progress:

  • Infinite planets/solar systems
  • Ability to build your own planets and rebuild existing planets
  • Interactive AI planetary inhabitants
  • Character customization
  • Physics puzzles
  • Multiplayer support

Exclusive content

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Rocket Boy Alpha

This is the official Rocket Boy Alpha pre-release! Get first access to the game in it's earliest playable version. Let me know what you liked, didn't like, and what you want from the game going forward. Your opinion matters!


With Full Access you get:

  • A copy of the current game in it's alpha stage
  • Direct input and say to what will go into the official version of the game
  • Weekly updates from team Rocket Boy
  • A shout out to you in the end credits of the official release
  • VIP access to content that will only be available to Full Access buyers
  • And of course a reserved copy of the official game digitally delivered to you upon release 12/23/2016!

You will get access to the following files:

Rocket_Boy.exe 8 MB